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    Maryland Pick em week, October 23

    Boys. I'm in Hawaii this week. Gophs have never lost a game I've watched from here. Book it. Bet it. Done...
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    Cam Wiley in transfer portal

    He's gone. I've adopted a policy where I no longer comment on players in the portal. Let it go.
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    WSU Nick Rolovich fired for cause as Washington State football coach

    Well at least not until he sues and wins. There's a lot of court cases (thousands) that are going through the system due to vaccine mandates. It's going to be chaos.
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    Shama: P.J. Fleck is 17-8 in his last 25 games. That’s the best stretch for a Gopher coach since Glen Mason was 17-8 in 2002 and 2003.

    Some of that is due to schedules we didn't have a choice over (big ten games played, games in a season, etc). Also, I would argue Mason was much better at crushing non-conference teams than Fleck. Yes, we lost to Toledo and Ohio (was that Mase?), but in general, we won those games by 20+...
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    Minnesota - Only team in the West who controls their own destiny

    Wisconsin controls their destiny. They can still beat MN, Iowa and Purdue
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    Scott Frost: worst FBS Coach or Second Bottom?

    You are getting my chili hot!
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    Week 7 Bowl Projections

    let's just be happy its not detroilet.
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    Cam Wiley in transfer portal

    As the Chucker always says: Can't thank you enough for the time...
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    Thread removed about message to fans

    There's a difference between being an asshole and being able to voice your frustration. If you take the time and/or pay the money to attend a game, you get to vent at the game. You paid for the right. There's a fuzzy line there where venting becomes personal attacks and I don't agree that...
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    Sid's column this morning

    I don't think anyone wants him fired. I think the only thing people want is us to start recruiting and playing like a upper echelon Big Ten team and handle our business with teams we should pound. The product on the field has frankly been sub par this year.
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    Funny stuff!!! LOL @nebraska

    True, but they are classic at gigantic blunders. They had to punt with like 30 seconds left in the first half and the punt went like 15 yards to give Michigan St great field position. They throw an interception in OT. That team can't help itself but lose. That said, they may very well handle us.
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    Minnesota Vs. Bowling Green 2021 - Media Predictions

    Bucky Irving looks like a gamebreaker. I wouldn't be surprised if he has two td runs over 40 yards.
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    Big Ten Power Rankings.

    I'd also still have Indiana above Rutgers and Maryland. Record is worse, strength of schedule is a mile better. My gut says Indiana will handle both of them.
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    Week 3 big ten pickem

    Maryland Miami FL Oklahoma Cincinnati Michigan Colorado Notre dame Rutgers Iowa Ohio state Northwestern Penn state

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