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    Fond Memories vs Alabama

    I'm sure the band was just honoring the wonderful host state of Tennessee
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    Wilt to Indiana

    Hard I think to find that. Even those who say they want to be in for the long-haul and build something get faced with a hard decision when another team shows $100k+ over their current salary.
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    Texas A&M Football Caught Paying 5 Star Recruits!

    Time to remove any and all educational requirements from the sport. No more scholarships, no more grades to stay eligible to play, no more tutors or classes to attend. The football teams become professional sports clubs sponsored by the schools for the entertainment of their students & alumni...
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    A Touchdown so big it deserves its own thread

    While I would love it if fear of Faalele was the motivator, WV had 13 guys on the field and I think the player that called the TO looked around and realized it.
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    Kelly May Fail Miserably

    I've met lots of people from Kansas that have a moderate to heavy southern drawl/accent. The closer you get to Oklahoma, the more you encounter it.
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    OUTRAGE ALERT - Gardner-Webb And Campbell Are Ripping Off Floyd of Rosedale For Their Own Trophy!!!

    Wow... they could've at least changed the tail or something. It's a carbon copy.
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    Seven Ohio high school football referees claim they were barricaded inside of locker room after game

    I refereed youth soccer for many years as a young adult. Often the kids were having a fun time and competing with respect, it was always the adults that were the problem. Coaches were bad at times, but parents were almost always the worst part of the job. Eventually I started refereeing adult...
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    Band / crowd Question

    I remember back in the Metrodome era mic'ing the band was against conference rules. Is that still the case?
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    The only thing more brutal than the Gopher's play is this camera work
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    Any streaming options for the game today?

    I'm watching here today: It only has like 2 popups and the quality is good.
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    Meatsauce on KFAN

    Initials is a pretty solid radio game.
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    Meatsauce on KFAN

    After listening to KFAN nearly every day since 2003 I stopped listening to KFAN about 6 years ago when I moved out of state and didn't miss it. I think like another poster said when the PA & Dubay show went sideways after Dubay's drug issues and the Sludge & Lake show ended the whole station...

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