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    Kristian Williams Commits to Minnesota...

    Mason was also great at a lot of things… just couldn’t find a good enough DC to make that jump.
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    Kristian Williams Commits to Minnesota...

    There are a handful that I wasn’t happy to see, but we have absolutely benefited from transfers under Fleck… both in additions, and subtractions freeing up scholarships. Many impact incoming transfers, very little in the way of impact outgoing transfers… and Thomas / Irving likely change that...
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    Anthony Brown decommits

    I feel like Anthony is going to hop back in the boat AND think Howard also hops in the boat! I’ve not been as confident about a 4 star MN kid since Coughlin!
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    “One of the funnier twists on this new dynamic”

    Right?! I’m sure they’ll just keep paying the next guy after a coach embarrasses them lol
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    Solomon Brown in Portal

    We’ve put a lot of low 3 stars in the NFL in the last 2-3 years… Winfield Mafe Johnson Kieft Off the top of my head… and Bateman, Faalele, and Andries we’re either 4s or high 3s… That’s not even looking at UDFAs like Renner (originally a walk on), Durr, Schlueter, MDT…
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    Blaise Andries

    I cannot believe he didn’t get drafted…
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    Miami basketball player publicly threatens to transfer if his NIL deal is not increased after a new transfer in to Miami got a higher deal

    All I know is that I’m very very very glad we have PJ here when NIL hit… I can only imagine how poorly this would have played out for us if we had Kill/Claeys at the helm.
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    Gopher Watch: The 2022 NFL Draft!

    This draft I like this trade more because of a lot of depth making it likely to get starters through the 3rd round.
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    Kristoff Kowalkowski signs with St. Thomas...

    I might have to make a Twitter to check this out!
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    Minnesota unveils star-studded list of guest coaches for spring game

    I bought some game used Winfield “my cause my cleats” that I’d really love to get signed some day… have a softball tournament on Saturday though! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Kristoff Kowalkowski signs with St. Thomas...

    I actually feel bad for the kid… seems like he has family telling him he is way better than it appears coaches think he is…
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    Anthony Brown decommits

    Really excited he’s potentially back in the fold!!
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    Mar’Keise Irving enters the transfer portal

    I would note here that it also depends on how a player communicates with his coach, teammates, etc. It’s one thing if Bucky is communicating with PJ up front, voicing reasons, having a discussion around those reasons, and working hand in hand… it’s entirely different to quit mid season, bash the...
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    Mar’Keise Irving enters the transfer portal

    For what it’s worth, I responded to a story Bucky had posted on Insta saying that I hoped he was still going to change his mind and he liked my comment… So maybe he’s still one oar in the boat!

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