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  1. P can I edit my profile, my user name, etc ? George Kremer ([email protected]) can I edit my profile, my user name, etc ? George Kremer ([email protected])
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    is this where i go to ask for a new screen name?

    For years I accessed Gopher Hole using the name: George Kremer and the password: skyhigopher. Now, recently, I can no longer comment to a post nor participate in a Poll. My efforts to re-establish my membership have not been successful, nor have my efforts to establish a new identity. Can you...
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    Vikings should Hire PJ Fleck

    Who is this imbecile ? Why is he proposing a coaching change detrimental and harmful to the Gopher program, and of only the remotest of value to the Vikings ? Thankfully the playpen for millions2spare is as miniscule as his thought process.
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    Who do you have as your Gameday guest picker?

    I still hope its Tony Dungy
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    Divine Intervention

    Totally agree
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    Ski-U-Mah the new official magazine of Gopher Athletics is unveiled

    Would really appreciate receiving Ski U Mah in hardcopy: George Kremer 1601 First St #10, Pepin, WI 54759 Thanks.

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