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    Schedules going forward of West contenders

    WI's defense will keep them in most games but the OL's and QB's play are mediocre to bad. WI needs a new OL coach and a new QB coach. Unless there are some miracle turn arounds in the upcoming games both should become redundant.
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    Husker Explosive Plays

    After the game Frost said in so many words that Martinez was injured but played anyway. The comments on Husker Blogs confirmed that observations from around campus and were blaming Frost for not having a back up QB.
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    Gophers open as a 3 point dog

    The schedules are made by a computer with the designated rivalry games the only consideration. The TV viewing numbers for any game do not increase or decrease the BIG TV revenue. The BTN revenue is completely determined by the number of people who have the BTN APP or channel and that is...
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    The hardest jobs in college football (Other notable P5 vote-getters: Minnesota: They think they can win BTW every year but they’re so far away)

    I do not disagree about the physical facilities but the atmosphere during a Vikings game far exceeds that of a Gopher game. Target field is dead during the games.
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    The hardest jobs in college football (Other notable P5 vote-getters: Minnesota: They think they can win BTW every year but they’re so far away)

    I would like the Atlantic, which is a good sports magazine, to define hardest. I would put NE up there along with any school in which fan expectations far exceed the potential talent base and the desirability of the location. AL does have high expectations but are in the middle of high end...
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    Virginia Tech to restrict 'selfish, inappropriate, and embarrassing student behavior' at football games

    If you read the link is was about the uncontrolled rush of students with and without tickets to get into the game. not the chants or cheers or boos. People have been killed or seriously injured in similar situations. All it takes is one person to fall and jam the entrance. At WI games the...
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    So how do you guys really feel about Huskers coming to town?

    The crucial word here is "WAS". A more appropriate description of present day NE is has been. NE can thank their lucky stars Alvarez played at NE and remained close to St Tom for Alvarez paved the way for NE to escape the Long Horn Network and find a place of refuge in the BIG. NE ranks in the...
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    Husker Explosive Plays

    Because Martinez is a very dangerous runner if he escapes a blitz and starts to run the safeties and CBs start to look back and turn their receivers loose. He rarely misses an open receiver. They used the wheel formation to good effect against MI. Johnson is very fast and most LBs cannot keep up...
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    How many wins needed to not be disappointed in the season?

    Given the schedule that has only two, tOSU and IA as should be losses, anything less than nine wins in the regular season would make me worry about the direction of the program.
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    Mandel’s: Dare I say the Big Ten has a better shot for 2 teams in the Playoff than the SEC?

    It is already decided by ESPN and the SEC. AL and GA are in, add Cincy and the winner of the BIG.
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    Harbaugh calls out Nebraska for cheating

    Frost is a known cheater in sports and his domestic life.
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    Badgers kick Jalen Berger off team

    One bad apple can spoil the barrel so get rid of it as soon as you can. He was talented but....
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    We currently are favored in 3 more games

    There seemed to be sort of a consensus here that the chances of MN beating NE would depend on how NE did against MI.
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    Gophers open as a 3 point dog

    Do you have the numbers of yards per game running and passing comparing the two that proves your claim?
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    Gophers open as a 3 point dog

    To repeat, the line is mostly set by the Sagarin rankings then changes as the bets come in to get the ideal situation for the betting sites, a 50/50 distribution of bets, so the sites take all of the cut per bet. Given the absence of a known running back for MN, the experienced defensive front...

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