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    Signings 2022 Class

    It looks like she played at Western Nebraska CC last season.
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    Portal Recruiting is a New World

    I sense frustration which is understandable. I agree the portal seems like an easy way out for the athlete when things aren't going their way, but on the flip side the athlete should have an opportunity to leave if they aren't happy. I mean really do you want an athlete on the team if they are...
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    2022 Transfer Portal Discussion

    Agree 100% if this is the way the conversations went I would applaud the honesty from Ben, nothing can bring a team chemistry down with players not knowing what their roles are or what the expectations for playing time would be.
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    Gophers target: Davidson transfer Michael Jones

    how do you know we didn't and he just doesn't want to come here? Not everyone wants to "go home"
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    Gopher Softball 2022

    I would love to see this team play some small ball once in awhile.
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    I agree with you. I think they really need transfers that are willing to take on that leadership role on and off the court. I haven't seen her play and I know she has had a fair amount of injuries but I am intrigued by Abby Prohaska from Notre Dame.
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    Speaking of Gopher portal options....I sure wish we would get somebody soon. Impatience is my middle name :)
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    Next Gopher Assistant Coach?

    Has anyone heard any rumors of any assistant coaching interviews that may be happening?

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