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    Minnesota @ Colorado 2021 - Media Predictions

    Agreed. It's very possible Miami has a better offense than CU. In perusing a CU board this morning, most seem to think this will be a low scoring slugfest, and that like CU, Minnesota will struggle to pass the ball. I don't think the latter is true, but I could see a world in which both...
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    Big Ten coaches

    OMG these are so perfect! Raise a glass to this man, people. Biggest LOL's: Funeral director Former youth pastor, curent felon Gravel crusher
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    Minnesota @ Colorado 2021 - Media Predictions

    Isiaih Hole...Gopher Hole. Coincidence? I think not.
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    Sanford Comments on Colorado

    Thanks, that was super interesting. When asked about using Potts so much he basically said when you're in a slugfest and a guy is doing, it's hard to take him out. Then he said this though and using the other RBs
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    Week 3 Stone Cold Locks

    Maryland -7.5 at Illinois Minnesota & Colorado OVER I really like the VT bet and plan to jump on that now. Thanks!
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    Denver Post calls Minnesota/Colorado game "a massive “swing” game for both programs."

    You'd like to win every game, of course, but the sky isn't falling if the team loses on Saturday. If they get embarrassed, then perhaps it doesn't bode well, but there's still 9 games remaining -- including 8 B1G games -- after this one. A lot can happen. I personally feel decent about...
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    OL 1st and 2nd Half Grades Updated

    Great work! Super interesting, just enough analysis/commentary, and that video clip was a spectacular addition! Keep rowing!
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    Colorado opens as 1 point favorite

    Except for at Westgate where it opened with Colorado -1 and less than 30 min later moved to MN at least one largish bet came in on MN. Like the other books, it's been all over the place ever since. It really is fascinating.
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    Colorado opens as 1 point favorite

    So I definitely saw Minnesota +2.5 on DK earlier tonight after reading this thread, but I checked again after the post about Vegas Insiders and the line is indeed MN -1. Not sure what's up, but it seems FanDuel had a similar thing going on.
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    Big Ten West after Week 2
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    [POST GAME THREAD] Minnesota defeats Georgia Southern 35-32

    1. Vanilla offense... Check 2. Wishing the OC was gone... Check 3. Wondering whether the team would win a conference game... Check 4. Oh, and I think I saw "ashamed" in there!
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    Week 3 big ten pickem

    Maryland MSU Oklahoma Cincinnati Michigan Minnesota ND Rutgers Iowa OSU Duke PSU
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    Matthew Trickett Appreciation Thread!

    You build depth and your special teams improve. That and bringing in a stud K from the portal.
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    Colorado opens as 1 point favorite

    It's 2.5 on DK as well and totally open for betting. I ain't touching this but I'd bet MN if I were. They're gonna get healthy and open it up IMO. If you were optimistic heading into the season there's no reason not to be now.
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    Never again..

    Oh I totally agree. They were clicking on all cylinders in Tampa. Not so much against SDSU and Fresno. Not looking so special at that point. But hey only time will tell like you said.

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