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    AutmanBell update

    I'm sure he had no interest in bringing him back against Miami Ohio.
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    Video of Fleck crowd surfing in locker room after win today

    So you are complaining about his wins. Got it.
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    Video of Fleck crowd surfing in locker room after win today

    Aren't you complaining about Fleck's wins?
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    Miami Game Participation Report

    Geary is out for the year
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    Chip: Gophers' one-dimensional offense is not a sustainable formula

    I mean they threw it six straight times during the abysmal 3rd quarter. Very odd
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    Never again..

    Nor did Kill quitting mid season
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    Never again..

    Did he beat UW?
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    Never again..

    WoodburyTim is still mad Fleck is here 5 years later. Hilarious
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    Faalele is a 1st round pick grandpa
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    OSU Postgame Thread

    Defense held OSU to 10 points at halftime. OSU seemed to figure out some things especially when Stroud could hit his wide open NFL receivers. The Howden injury changed the game IMO. They need to give some of the younger guys a chance if that injury is long-term. #1 shouldn't be on the field in...
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    OSU Postgame Thread

    I don't think Tanner can throw 50 yards and PJ probably saw last week's Nebraska game.
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    They're ranked 3 stars by Rivals and 247.
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    CBS: Grading the major hires of the 2021 college basketball coaching carousel (Ben Johnson, only hire given a C)

    Thorson was a rumored coach for any of the coaches that were hired and Jenkins was the lead assistant at Richmond which has had more success than us the last 20 years. Super unheralded. Considering they didn't try to get commits from three of the recruits on your list (Lee, Aligbe, and...

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