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    I am unable to watch the full game. My daughter doesn't have ESPN. The DVR hopefully works this time.
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    Chip: Gophers taking nothing for granted, but Big Ten West suddenly up for grabs

    The Gophers coaches continue to improve their detailed game-planning specific to each upcoming opponent. They control their destiny only if they continue winning. With the Nebraska game, the Gopher D effectively limited Martinez's mobility by keeping him in the pocket for most of the game. The...
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    Frost's response to PJ Fleck's comments

    They've got 4-Star (0.93XX) Bryce Benhart from MN. He is our secret weapon (Esezi Otomewo's @#$&*)!
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    Frost's response to PJ Fleck's comments

    :horse: Frost ala Sipple is trying to deflect his ineptitude on PJ Fleck. Souhan probably was sitting on his Tidy Bowl Thrown while deciphering his 💩 to get to his facts. I don't think he's welcomed at the Athletic Village.
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    School record to be set on Saturday

    That's awesome!
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    JJ of Corn Nation - Who Would Want to Coach Nebraska Football? (If Scott Frost Is Fired)

    "Illinois? - Hahahahahahahahahahahah!" IMHO, Nebraska is better off keeping Scott Frost with the Children Of The Corn.
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    Three notable Fleck episodes with rival coaches

    It seems to me that there is a culture clash. Culture Clash Live:
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    We can't take anything for granted. Maryland is getting some players back from injuries after Bye Week. This is a one-game playoff until the next game.
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    Official 2022 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Player development is a factor worthy of consideration.
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    Nebby and Frost

    It can become a matchup issue depending on which Maryland team shows up after their Bye Week.
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    Husker Meltdown Podcast

    I came across the Husker Meltdown Podcasts, a therapeutic talk radio. Long-suffering Gopher fans can understand the Husker fans going through pain and frustrations. We've been there before. Some random tidbits: A fan agrees about the cultural angle. Frost seems to favor and focus on certain...
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    Official 2022 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    For a program like the Minnesota Golden Gophers, it is all about paying attention to details. They want recruits that fit their program. They cannot afford too many recruiting mistakes. If all they do is rely on camp stats and recruiting ratings, there will be many misses. High school football...
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    Star Tribune

    Sadly, print media have been fighting for survival and consequently relevance. Negativity sells. Journalistic standards, what is that?
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    Star Tribune

    No, you're not wring.
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    OL Report: Nebraska Full Game - Updated

    Thanks, GFBfan for the excellent analysis. Is Fa'alele's low pass-blocking grade in the second half due in part to the Gophers' offensive line formation involving more than five OLs and the development of the plays away from him? It is better not to have anyone to block than to get a holding...

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