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    I bet he doesn't count because Hopkins is an inner ring suburb.
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    Expectations/Goals for 2021-22 Gophers

    This has been the heart of the discussion, directly or indirectly, since the roster turnover began after Ben was hired. No one knows for sure what happened. He may have taken a shot at players who could have prevented this season from being a complete disaster on the court and failed. Or, he may...
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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Since it's Doogie, I'll be reserved in my optimism. Seems like a safe place to me.
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    OUTRAGE ALERT - Gardner-Webb And Campbell Are Ripping Off Floyd of Rosedale For Their Own Trophy!!!

    True story. I talked to the guy who came up with the idea of Rivalry Trophies and casting replicas. When he started his research, he found out that in many cases, including Floyd I believe, copyright ownership was ambiguous at best. He contacted the conference, and they didn't own them...
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    All Things Taison Chatman Recruiting Thread (Class of 2023, Totino-Grace HS, Gophers Offered)

    Why in the world would the staff slow play their number one recruiting target? The idea seems ludicrous to me. Unless there is something in the shadows that we don't know about, there is no way this guy is slow-played. Ben was hired in large part to up our chances at getting players just like...
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    Expectations/Goals for 2021-22 Gophers

    I'll offer a friendly amendment to the goal of "being better at the end of the season" mentioned by so many. I'd like that improvement to be the result of growth of players who will actually be back for the 22-23 season. If the improvement is led by the one year guys, I don't see it having much...
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    Former DeLaSalle star Alan Anderson one of 18 former NBA players charged with fraud by Federal Grand Jury

    The whole scenario begs the question of why in the world people who at some point made more money than many of us in a lifetime of work felt the need to bilk their plan, and by extension, their fellow players, out of piles of money. Has the NBA or its Players Association commented on this yet?
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    Richard Pitino: “I’ve always said, if you play the games, they’re going to want you to win. And if you don’t win enough, you’re going to get fired."

    I was nervous about his inexperience when hired, but also thought the name would help recruiting. It really never did. Some of the back fence critique of him was that people perceived that he thought he should get an audience because of his name. We never really formed an identity as a team or...
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    Way to seal the deal, Ben! Keep them home, develop them, and create a culture.
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    GopherHole Q&A: Tre Holloman Talks Gophers, Spartans and Recruiting

    I hope you're right, but that has not been the case recently under the previous administration. If they didn't commit here quickly, they were gone. If Ben is confident enough in his ability to sell something on the court to skeptical recruits and their families, more power to him. Late...
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    This isn't going as planned

    The problem with the bolded sentiment is that 22 guys won't have any of that to see on the court before most of them make their decisions, potentially pushing the ground floor of the rebuild to the class of 23, and maybe two years after that before any measurable success on the floor. That's a...
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    Or repeating the same argument over and over to the same audience, none of whom give any indication of retracting from their positions.

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