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    The headline in the Wednesday paper will read?...

    Minnesota vs West Virginia, late
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    Future Non-Conference Opponents

    New Mexico State game here, first game of season.
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    Portal - Potential Incoming players?

    Gophergrandpa has it right. Montero is going to go somewhere for one year, why not the U.? He played on both sides of the ball for EP in high school and was EP's kick-off guy and extra point kicker. Selective defensive sets, special teams, blocking back on offense, maybe even certain offensive sets.
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    Loudest Bank

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    Saturday's game is a "narrative shaping" game for this program and Fleck

    Screw this narrative talk. As Herm Edwards has said, the purpose of playing the game is to win the game. The Gophers are going to win the game today and let the scribes take over while they manhandle the axe!! Go Gophers.
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    Thoughts on the game

    This game comes down to a mindset of individuals doing their job/assignment and beating their opponent on every play/snap. Execution. OL vs DL. O players vs D players. Special teams vs Special Teams. Should be one hell of a ball game. Go Gophers!
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    Minnesota High School Football Section Championship Matchups

    Larger communities due to their population tend to have programs starting in the 4th grade for many sports. So it's not surprising that either existing large communities (Wayzata, EP, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Blaine) or communities in a growth area like an STMA or Prior Lake or Lakeville South...
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    Minnesota High School Football Section Championship Matchups

    I went to the EP/MG game last night. MG deserved to win. EP performed the worst I have seen in the 25 years I have been watching their games in person and a lot of it had to do with MG's Defense. MG had an early score on a long pass, making it a 7-3 game after an EP FG.. Then, MG intercepted and...
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    Who should be QB

    Yes, indeed I am one of the 25 who voted for Kramer. Why? I watched every one of his games in high school and I know what he can do. I am not related to his family or extended family, just a fan who goes to every home and away EP game. Tonight it's the EP vs Maple Grove game. I have nothing...
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    What if the well rested Gopher defense had…

    The game was played with intensity from both sides. We lost. Morgan not running it in the 1Q with the pathway open, and then he threw late to Kieft, settling for a FG, an omen of the plays to come. Our RBs playing their hearts out with the OL opening up big holes. The Iowa kid hitting a FG from...
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    Morgan has overthrows all game and then throws short.
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    Say something nice about Iowa (2021 edition)

    They must have a unique source for pink paint since they use it so much over the past 20+ years.
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    Share your thoughts on the Iowa game

    There's always a first for everything. A first for Fleck is this weekend at Kinnick when the Gophers beat the Hawks. The Marines taught me that cohesion is very important. I think this team will really stick together under adversity and support each other, raising their performance level from...

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