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    Bruce Feldman: Could Jim Harbaugh return to the NFL? 'I think it's real'

    I've always wondered how that Michigan helmet design relates to their Irish nickname.
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    Michigan President Fired for Inappropriate Relationship with Subordinate

    Got it. This is for the Robert Anderson abuse case.
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    Michigan President Fired for Inappropriate Relationship with Subordinate

    Just announced, they will be paying out $490 million to settle lawsuits related to this.
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    MinnPost has an idea: PJ to the Vikings... 😱

    Jim Harbaugh is my dream pick for Vikings coach. He was 44-19-1 as the 49ers coach.
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    International Gopher Football Game?

    Not international but Puerto Rico would be intriguing.
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    2022 will be Northwestern’s “final” season at Ryan Field

    Attendance in college football has been declining for quite a while now. Almost every game is on TV and streaming of games is mainstream now. It makes seems to have a smaller capacity with better perks to get the stadium filled up.
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    New Football Schedule.

    I like divisional games at the end, makes for more drama.
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    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    Well, that's a shame.
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    2004 gophers

    Me too and the 2003 Michigan game, still I carried on and stayed a Gopher fanatic. I was in my glory at the game on Nov. 9, 2019. I just stood there after the game and watched the fans swarm on the field. Glad the younger fans, including my two sons, could enjoy that moment.
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    Five Highs and Lows of the Gopher Season.

    The bowl game was a top 5 moment for me. Every bowl win is a good one.
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    2004 gophers

    October 15, 2005 was brutal too. Blocked punt at the end for a 38-34 loss to Wisconsin. Just take a damned safety and it would have been a 34-33 win.
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    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    Yeah, I assume they cater to a lot of professionals in the Chicago area working on advanced degrees in medicine, law and business. I looked up St. Thomas out of curiosity and it's about the same as Wake with 6,200 undergrads and 3,700 postgrads.
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    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    Northwestern is unique in having over 13,000 postgraduate students. I'd say the vast majority of students that go to games are undergraduates. 8,000 is a pretty small undergraduate population.
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    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    Glen Mason had a good pipeline of recruits from New Jersey having been from that state.
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    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    You may be on to something. Fans might be avoiding flying this year. Music City Bowl was a sellout with that destination being within driving distance for fans. The Peach Bowl only had 41,000 in attendance, worst since 1990 (not including last year's game). This bowl usually draws crowds of 70,000+

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