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    Jaxon Howard lists Gophers in final four

    I think the aim is to build relationships between the committed guys and the uncommitted guys, so that the uncommitted guys will want to commit. Sort of like fraternity rush, where your best recruiters are the guys who just pledged.
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    Jaxon Howard lists Gophers in final four

    To be fair, Minnesota is currently better than Miami and LSU based on recent on-field performance.
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    Jaxon Howard lists Gophers in final four

    Any jersey with 11 on it is out. Hidden message. I would like to be the first to congratulate Jaxon on his commitment!
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    AD = Schedule maker for a day

    For a lot of the blue bloods of college football, scheduling Minnesota is like Minnesota scheduling Boise State or NDSU. It's a game Georgia, Clemson or even a school that is currently worse like Texas or USC doesn't get a lot from winning, and they could reasonably lose. It's not a huge TV...
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    AD = Schedule maker for a day

    Year 1 Central Michigan South Florida @Hawaii Year 2 Western Michigan @South Florida Texas Year 3 Eastern Michigan Connecticut @Texas If they get rid of the divisions I'm not scheduling anyone with a pulse.
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    NIL Question About Coach Contributions

    According to the NCAA, probably yes. According to the Supreme Court, probably not.
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    A Senior’s Rating of Every UMN Campus Bar (Sally’s Saloon – 10/10)

    Minnesota is just different, as an urban school an $8 Uber ride from a grown-up downtown big city party scene. Athens probably doesn't have much of that. It's always put a damper on the Greek system, the on-campus bar scene, college football, etc. It's the salty with the sweet.
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    A Senior’s Rating of Every UMN Campus Bar (Sally’s Saloon – 10/10)

    The U has both an average collection of bar options and also the best set in the Big Ten, if you add in nearby DT MPLS.
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    For those who are curious about the IMG Academy facilities...

    It's also probably a "connections" sort of place. Most of the kids there will get a quality, very expensive, college prep education and that's that. But hanging around all those other rich, connected kids and the ones that do end up making the's a network for life.
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    One Darkhorse Contender In Every Conference (Big Ten: Minnesota)

    haha I read that in the ol jer voice from the first couple words. good start on PJs here, needs more slogans and chips and cracks and king of the toos.
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    Nebraska coach Scott Frost receives one-year show-cause, suspension as NCAA investigation concludes

    And I thought Championship Season at Nebraska was April, when they reset to being historically good and not an annual disappointment.
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    “One of the funnier twists on this new dynamic”

    Jerry Jones is probably buying Arkansas a team as we speak
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    Solomon Brown in Portal

    guys have more and immediate options when the depth chart isn't shaping up their way. most of the transfers have been timed at points where the depth chart becomes more clear - after season end, first spring practices, end of spring ball. these guys are the ones leaving for Not In Lineup and...
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    Solomon Brown in Portal

    We're losing so many guys today to NIL - not in lineup.

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