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    2023-2024 Big Ten schedule released

    The 2023-2024 conference schedule released today. Game times and media coverage to be announced at a later date.
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    Gopher WBB 2023-2024

    And in better news......expect the schedule to be released on Thursday!
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    MN Daily: Gophers Go Global on Foreign Tour

    Based on info from someone who was there, Gophers won first game 98-35. No other details, however.
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    MN Daily: Gophers Go Global on Foreign Tour

    And that would appear to be Sophie Hart in the boot.
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    Gopher Loyalty Program - how many years does it take to get something better than a used washcloth?

    The only way to really move up is to donate big bucks. If you are of retirement age and doing planning for where your proceeds might go at death, a legacy gift directed to one of the sports (meaning it pays when you are deceased) is treated the same way as real dollars being donated.
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    Banham elevated to Gophers assistant coach as Plitzuweit finalizes staff

    And Adam Marso, who will be serving as director of operations, served under Stollings for two seasons before moving on to greener pastures. He most recently was at North Dakota.
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    2023-2024 Full Schedule

    And we know the full schedule (absent game times) never comes out until sometime during the State Fair or in early September. I would bet the one State Fair ticket deal might be for the UConn game.
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    Move in: Summer Session in Session

    Nailed it! Those are the five freshman players in the picture.
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    Summer Presser with Coach P

    Yes, the Europe trip was set up by the prior coaching staff. It has been in the works for a year, but not lots of folks seem to be aware of it. UConn is making a trip with similar stops based on some other reports I've seen. If you recall, Whalen didn't get to go on the last trip as she was...
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    Coach Dawn introduced at Lynx game on Tuesday night May 23

    I was pretty sure I saw Jason there, too. The good news was that they were there!
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    Coach Dawn introduced at Lynx game on Tuesday night May 23

    Coach Dawn was introduced to the crowd at the Lynx game versus Atlanta at the Target Center on Tuesday night. Dawn and the entire coaching staff and women's basketball administrative staff were at the game.
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    Kadi Sissoko enters the transfer portal

    Congratulations to Kadi, but sadly, third round picks rarely survive past training camp.
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    Coaching Changes of Interest 2023-24

    Welcome to Pitt, Joan Gabel!
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    Joan Gabel has been named Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh

    President Gabel was very supportive of women's athletics. I saw her at several women's basketball games. Let's hope the next president is equally supportive!
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    Coach P will be on KFAN Today

    5 healthy would be Heyer, Braun, Battle, Czinano and Hart according to my take. Holloway and Zie not yet cleared to practice.

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