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    WSU Nick Rolovich fired for cause as Washington State football coach

    That means the school does not owe Rolovich any of the remainder of his contract, which runs through 2025. Rolovich’s annual salary of $3.2 million topped all state employees. Ouch!
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    Week 7 Big Ten Power Rankings

    “ However, that loss to Bowling Green will plague the Gophers all year long when it comes to these rankings “ Maybe it’s going to turn out to be a hidden blessing. Players and coaches had to take a good hard look at themselves. In spite of that horrendous loss this can be a very, very good year...
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    Cole Kramer

    So, he threw 0 picks in high school? Know they really run, but that’s good.
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    Souhan: It's a losing play for P.J. Fleck to tout his Gophers "culture" over talent

    Fleck does say Nebraska is bigger, stronger, faster during the after game talk with Gaard. He’s really jacked up, talking a mile a minute. Seems like his framing the “us against the world”, “chip on our shoulder” for the rest of the year. He has a chance to make this a good year and probably...
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    Cam Wiley in transfer portal

    That sucks. Not understanding this and the other recent entry as far as the timing, but good luck to him.
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    Post Game Thoughts

    Thanks for posting.
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    Fleck: “That was culture over skill.”

    I’ve grown to like Fleck and kind of get a kick out of what he says, but I also really liked those Miami teams back in the day. I’m easily persuaded when a team wins.
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    Purdue now ranked 25

    That reminds me, I’m going to grill some hamburgers.
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    And Suddenly the West is Wide Open

    Dang, I will even come to terms with the Bowling Green loss if the Gophers win the West outright. (I will find a way to spin it in my mind. Screw it.)
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    Week 7 Other Games Thread

    My point of view: Let's win it.
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    Week 7 Other Games Thread

    I think he had 6 catches.
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    Week 7 Other Games Thread

    It really is ok to be a Gopher fan and enjoy watching players on other teams. A person can even go so far as to think there are good players on the other teams.
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    Week 7 Other Games Thread

    effing David Bell is a beast.
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    Week 7 Other Games Thread

    Man, Purdue defense really responding after the touchback.

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