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    Get to know a bit about the newest Gophers… rapid fire style! (Video)

    Wilson already looks like a coach. Did notice that Christie wants to “Change the Culture”. Not sure if I should be insulted or just agree that’s what we need.
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    Axios Sports: Top 10 multisport stars (Two former Gopher basketball players named: Winfield, Grant)

    Mauer also would have an argument. Too bad about the “bilateral leg weakness” derailing an already HOF worthy career.
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    2023-24 Big Ten Schedule Updates

    When in doubt, schedule like Stout? Is that the saying…?
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    Wyatt Gilmore Watch

    To be fair any real Minnesotan knows the key to sports success is to get out of Minnesota. Just NOT Wisconsin man come on!
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    These College Football teams have the best record when they’re the underdog in Vegas 💰(MN: 24-35)

    Just the more infuriating that we couldn’t put it all together once in my lifetime. Bowling Greens of the world have obviously been the worst more recently. Iowa (finally getting over the Wisconsin hump recently) being Fleck’s kryptonite certainly hasn’t helped either. Maybe this difficult...
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    Athletic Department Contact

    Yeah I don’t know if I can trust a man who doesn’t like sprinkles…
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    AAU Battle of the Lakes

    “He shot 65-percent from the charity stripe this season.” He’ll fit right in! All kidding aside he sounds like a great young man and a future facilitator at the next level. High basketball IQ and that level of talent can mean the sky is the limit.
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    The U on Pharrel Payne: He’s just getting started. 📈

    Yeah I hear he’s still upset at Webber for calling that timeout…
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    the buffaloes are stampeding

    Everyone seems to think he’ll actually be a coach more than a figurehead. I tend to lean towards the latter. As long as he delegates appropriately I think Deon will be successful.
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Seems like we’re destined for another pulse as far as I can tell. Maybe this is just a sign we need to get out more. Wake me up when the season starts,
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    All Things 2023 NFL Draft

    “ highly sought after OLB Thomas Rush to deals” Didn’t realize Rush was that highly thought of… money talks!!!
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Do you just let him go now… can’t see how it gets any better.

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