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    Shooter: While Gophers open in a 50,805-seat stadium, Ohio State opens in a 104,944 stadium.

    I think about 20-25 years ago he had some decent scoops due to sources within the various organizations. But now that Charlie is 75 and semi-retired, I'm guessing all his various sources are long retired or moved on by now too. The problem that the Pioneer Press has is that they need to keep...
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    Am I Wrong? - Ticket Prices Crazy?

    There really aren't any nosebleeds at the Bank.
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    Personal Favorite Gopher Football player

    Starting following the Gophers in the mid 80's so I have to break it down by era: 80's: Foggie & Thompson early 90's: Darkins late 90's: Carter early 00's: Barber late 00's: Decker early 10's: Williams late 10's: Winfield
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    Speculation on who is joining which conference

    It won't be exactly like this but I could see something similar.....Big Ten will try and expand with emphasis on tv markets and academic prestige. SEC will attempt to expand by brand. 1. Big Ten will offer membership to all Pac12 schools except Arizona State, Oregon State and Washington...
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    USC and UCLA Planning to join BIG TEN.

    This is dumb. Call me old fashioned but I like conferences being regional and smaller. A 20 team conference from New Jersey to California doesn't appeal to me.
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    It's a joke how seldom the Big Ten Network shows baseball each spring. Look at the SEC and ACC networks and they have baseball on every day of the weekend. Full in-depth coverage.
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    Streaking - post a streak/record that could be broken this year

    I believe the record for most consecutive bowl victories while a member of the Big Ten conference is 5. Wisconsin from 2014-2018 and Minnesota from 2015-Present. This year we keep the Axe and then take the record! Note: Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I did a quick search and I'm...
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    When you are 12-49 against your conference peers in the last two seasons it isn't a bad thing if you have to start over. There's nowhere to go but up.
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    You can look at it another way. Michigan only got in because they won the conference tournament. Rutgers absolutely deserved to but got snubbed. Despite the Big Ten being snubbed and having less than 3 teams for the first time in ~10 years, BOTH teams were in game 7's of their regionals. BOTH...
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    Former Dallas Cowboys RB Marion Barber found dead in his apartment by Frisco police

    I absolutely loved watching Marion play. Very sad tonight.
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    I think it would be awesome to have the Big Ten tournament at the Field of Dreams site. I'd like to to see them rotate the locations again. Omaha is just too far away from the rest of the conference and way too big of a park to host it on an annual basis. Either go back to the #1 seed...
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    Conference 8 advance to Big Ten Tournament 1. Rutgers 8-1 2. Illinois 7-2 T3. Maryland 4-2 T3. Northwestern 4-2 T5. Iowa 4-4 T5. Michigan 3-3 7. Nebraska 4-5 8. Purdue 3-4 ----------------------------- T9. Michigan State 2-4 T9. Indiana 2-4 11. Penn State 3-6 12...
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    16 free passes on Friday, never really in it. 7 free passes on Saturday, keep it close but lose by 1 4 free passes on Sunday, squeak one out. Rutgers and Maryland are probably the best teams in conference right now so while 1-5 is disappointing, at least that portion of the schedule is over...
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    Coach Fleck’s New Look

    Wife and I noticed it immediately when watching the news last night. He looks like a completely different person.
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    Next 2 weekends we face Rutgers and Maryland. Both teams looking very strong. Rutgers hasn't played too tough of a schedule but they've handled their business. Maryland is currently top 25 and looking very good with an RPI of 10. SCHOOL CONF CPCT. OVERALL PCT. STREAK Purdue 1-0 1.000...

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