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    Who is your Gopher “Pick to Click” vs West Virginia?

    LeCaptain with 2 wildcat touchdowns.
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    Desert dreams: P.J. Fleck likes where Gophers are headed five years into his tenure

    At what point do we say that Fleck is officially the best coach we have had in our current history?
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    NIL Group

    Who would be in to form an NIL deal for a big time recruit??????
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    Jerry Kill - New Mexico State

    absolutely not....i say fleck runs it up on him (please dont keep it vanilla this one time) and we send Jerry back home on a greyhound bus with a sack lunch as a parting gift.
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    Jerry Kill - New Mexico State

    They will be just as terrible as the always have been Kill will be out of there in less than 4 years.
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    Week 13 Bowl Projections Thread

    Music City would be a great matchup....Beating an SEC team is always a nice little Cherry on top.... Keep the tradition going (Auburn...Tennessee next?)
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    Saturday's game is a "narrative shaping" game for this program and Fleck

    Whos calling the offense today? If its Simon we are ok...if not we lose 24-10
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    You HAVE to fire the OC after this game

    Agreed.....if the culture is to have continual let down games against the worst teams on your schedule, then we need to adjust. Winning is a culture too.
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    You HAVE to fire the OC after this game

    God awful offense....Immediate firing of Sanford
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    Contract Extension for Fleck

    I agree....I would adjust it just a bit that the STAR TRIB hates people that appear to be having individual success of success in general. There is a common thread that they like to tear people down for some reason. Its a shame, and the University Of Minnesota is lumped in as well which is...
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    Trey Potts - UPDATED With Statement from the U

    Wait...your the decider of what is reliable or not?
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    USA Today 25 coaches poll

    If we win next week i think we enter the top 25 in time for the iowa showdown
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    This is the game to take money on Minnesota. win by 14 easy.
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    I do believe that a lot of the lack of creativity and explosiveness on offense is PJ Fleck. He maintains that he wants to run a conservative style of football. What I don't understand is that he was a wide receiver and we do no favors to our wide outs or QBs. The routes we are running are...
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    I have thought a lot about this and tried to be very level headed, as I dont want to call for a coach's head unless there is reasonable terms to do so. In this case I just can not wrap my head around the idea that we would keep Sanford around even for one more week. Give Simon the reigns, let...

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