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    Maryland Pick em week, October 23

    Whoops! I didn't notice that until you mentioned it. Wonder how many others didn't catch it either. My mind must have been in the "sewer" when I did that.
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    Senior linebacker Jack Gibbens leading defense in first season with Gophers football | MN Daily

    Won't be the last guy were going to get like this. With all the players we lose after this year due to graduation, we're going to get a boat load I believe.
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    Maryland Pick em week, October 23

    Illinois at Penn State Maryland at Minnesota Northwestern at Michigan Wisconsin at Purdue Ohio State at Indiana Cincinnati at Navy USC at Notre Dame South Carolina at Texas A &M UABP at Arkansas Cincinnati at Navy Tennessee at Alabama Oregon Ducks at UCLA Kansas State at Texas Tech...
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    Results of Nebraska week picks! noamfromm back from special assignment

    Two directions to go with as to the tie breaker for the weekly picks. If we go with Price is Right rules, Delta Hog wins, if it closest to the pin, its Taji34 -- also shout out to BTChamp and Miranda for getting Purdue over Iowa. In two weeks will go with price is right rules (can't go...
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    Maryland Pick em week, October 23

    Breaking news: noamfromm has been out on on assignment. Therefore this weeks selections are being posted before he has returned from his whereabouts. We'll get those results to you when available. Meanwhile the last we heard, noamfromm appears to be good, although is straggling a bit. 15...
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    Scott Frost: worst FBS Coach or Second Bottom?

    No way. Frost wouldn't last long at all. Frost wouldn't consider coming here anyway in my opinion.
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    Augustana (Sioux Falls) will have DI men's team in 2023

    This would be a nice set up.
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    Gophers Split The Series On The Heels Of A Sammy Walker Overtime Winner

    Saw on Gopher Puck Live website where the Gopher's were penalized for an extremely weak crosschecking penalty. Not sure why these calls happen or not happen for that matter.
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    Maryland depth chart updates

    Talk about a MASH report.
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    Cam Wiley in transfer portal

    Good player. So are the players ahead of him. I agree, let it go.
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    Gophers Split The Series On The Heels Of A Sammy Walker Overtime Winner

    One of the more disgusting non-calls I've seen in a while.
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    Daniel Jackson "probably questionable, but we'll see"

    Doubt it. Ball boy perhaps already had gotten a ball to the official.
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    October 30 vs NW Game Time 2:30

    Don't you think Allie deserves better? Are you saying that a football game is worth more than spending time with her?

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